GIG SLUTZ streamed live from Optical Radio

OPTICAL RADIO & Amersham Arms with ROCKLANDS MUSIC & ArtBeat

THURSDAY 28th of MARCH 7pm-late 


Be in the bar 7pm for GIG SLUTZ streamed live from Optical Radio, old school house and hip hop. Later on stage, an amazing mix of rock, pop, blues and afropunk ’til late! And meet our DJ, part of RoxOff TV family, in person!

@ The Amersham Arms, 388 New Cross Rd, SE24 6LG





Wednesday, March 13th, 2013 7:00pm

It’s Tiddles’ birthday and who better to share her show with, than the one like her very own, Chris Liberator! 😉

So as always on the Tiddles show, she will be playing some tunes, have a little chit chat with Chris then he will be playing an hour’s set….

He will NOT be playing Acid Techno!

So turn the telly off and the radio on for Tiddles’ birthday show and the one and only Chris Liberator! On Optical Radio from 7pm ’till 9pm.

Special Needs disco Show on Optical Radio


Special needs disco is old-skool crew givin it to you all the beats that you have head over the years.
From Ska to Disco, 80s and 90s Dance,Acid Tekno and DnB.
Astor,Kelly and Cregan in ya face and avinit.

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Global Chillage New Show On Optical Radio

Global Chillage, presented by Native-American musician Chuquai Billy offers a unique listening Odyssey with ambient music from around the world
featuring new age, deep-space, fusion, mellow jazz, classical, world and electronica designed to help you unwind and relax, letting the music carry you to other dimensions of gentleness and mental visuals.
Most of Global Chillage is handpicked music from well-known and obscure musicians from around the world.

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Trash Man Show


Discover the true essence of the pure drum and bass. mixed with Jazzstep (or “Jazz and Bass”) and “Atmospheric” dnb.

Jazz fusion instruments (flute and vocals) are mixed a deep sub-bass to create a powerfull energy.

This is the show that will bring you directly to the dancefloor…

Two hours of music mixed by Dj Trash Man

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PH7 Show


Ph7 live on- Optical radio- deep in the Neutral Zone , Get in Ph7’s vocalzone -You wont be alone – Music for you Hearts – poetry for the soul – Voices to Move you -In the Neutral Zone with Optical radio. Every Wednesday from 7.00 pm till 9 pm on Optical Radio

presented by Patrick Lyons

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