Dj Guest Show on Optical Radio Sunday 26th of April NaaN Music


Every week a Dj guest will be invited by optical radio for a live show of 2 hours.

If you are a dj and would like you to be our dj guest contact us on

Stay on tune every weeks on optical radio.

This week Dj Naan
Naan is a young musician based in London; he started making music as a percussionist at the age of 13, studying many kinds of tribal and sacred rhythms from ancient parts of the world. Since then he is involved in playing music whether from instrumental or from dj-decks. His style mixes tribal rhythms and organic tunes, ethnic instruments and cutting edge synthesizers. Don’t miss this 4 hour journey through the deepest but uplifting selection of chillout tunes, from handcrafted atmospheric sounds, through psy-dub, ethno-step, glitch, to break-chill mixed with colorful downtempo and moving uptempo beats, everything coming genuinely from the heart!
Naan has been producing chillout tracks for labels such as DARK Records or Purple Hexagon Records as well as playing out at various international psychedelic festivals including MODEM, Blackmoon, Sonica, and Atman Festival in Sri Lanka, but also in and many other festival and events across Italy, Spain, Uk, India and so on…

4/26/2015 9:00 pm
Listen On air :

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