Tupiniqueen Radio Show at Optical Radio


Braziliarty present: Tupiniqueen Radio Show at Optical Radio

Tupiniqueen is the drag queen presenting the latest radio show at Optical Radio. The tropical feminine force is a warrior communicator, ass kicker, influencing reflection about controversial topics such as gender understanding, politics and voting, consumerism and much more. Music wise, she will play an all inclusive playlist to groove your week nights! Expect crap comedy, tongue on the lips conversations and eye chilli-candy.10714726_898485290181546_147194440_n

Tupiniqueen dresses her causes on fashion shoots to generate campaigns for raising awareness about some of the topics. ‘The Veggie Queer’ outfit raises awareness for all things natural, GM and pesticide free, organics all the way. She share reasons for vegetarianism and organics with a tasty outfit made of deliciousness. Photos by Susana Sanroman and make up by Juliana Ferreira ( Ju Jul Jules)

LAUNCHING SHOW: Fist things first, de-genderising
24th September http://www.opticalradio.net/
UK time: 9-11pm
BR time: 5-7pm
US times: NY 4-6pm / SF 1-3pm
AU time: 25th September 7-9am

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