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Optical Bedlam Radio Show featuring the latest music to wait for the floods with. Hosted by punkvert and Jenny Runacre with guests, all professionally distorted for yr convenience.
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12193309_10207763540187322_2419912527443123510_nDJ GIZELLE’S ‘REBEL YELLE SHOW’ : LIVE ON OPTICAL RADIO

Celebrating Halloween and Guy Fawkes party season… THE REBEL YELLE SHOW presents GIZELLE REBEL YELLE and her special guest DJ MARCELLO PERRI expanding the OPTICAL RADIO studio air waves with a Techno banger for all you happy sofa ravers! So get your sparklers at the ready, a glass of whatever you fancy and do the Zombie Techno Stomp!!!

10pm-11pm : MARCELLO PERRI



Over the last 18 years Marcello Perri has been rocking the London Underground Techno scene to the rhythms of his hard, melodic and uplifitng grooves. With his smiling face behind the decks, razor sharp beats Marcello has become one of the most sought after DJs on the London party circuit.

Born in Sardinia and involved in rock bands from an early age, Marcello left Italy for London at the age of 19 and has never looked back. After dabbling around with Hard Acid Trance Marcello found the sound he was looking for at the illegal London squat parties and was soon playing alongside Acid Techno heroes such as Chris Liberator, Geezer, and especially D.A.V.E. The Drummer.

From playing his first squat party in 2001 it was only a short time until he was playing at massive club events such as Chemical Warfare, Free Energy, We Want You, and Family Groove, as well as being a regular on the underground soundsystems such as Malfiteurs, Underground Sound, Restless Natives and especially Manik.

On top of his UK gigs Marcello also kicked off his international DJ career with parties all over Europe including Spain, Poland, Italy, Czech and Bulgaria before starting his South American conquest playing in Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil.

1461529_558062274275989_2036273536_n As well as DJing Marcello is also responsible for producing pounding Techno beats that have been destroying the dancefloor on labels such as Hydraulix, Amigos, Bass Assault, Dark Expressions, Elektrax,Nacked Lunch,Techno Factory and many more…

Marcello loves all kinds of Techno from the banging UK style of Henry Cullen, Glenn Wilson, Mike Humphries and Ant through to the European sounds of Adam Beyer, Patrick Skoog, Henrik B, A.Paul, AXel Karakasis and Spiros Kaloumenos.

You can catch Marcello mixing on WWW.TECHNO.FM every 3rd Friday of the month as resident DJ on ThermoBee’s ‘Live From Hackney’ radio show. And as one of the Hydraulix Party promoters (alongside D.A.V.E. the Drummer) you can see him playing at some of the biggest parties in London!

The Rebel Yelle show is recorded live on the first Friday of the month 9pm-11pm and then repeated every Friday same time during the rest of the month and on Wednesdays 5pm-7pm. Enjoy!

Planet Underground show with Ben Deviant from Techno FM

planet-undergroundPlanet-Underground is a monthly radio show created by Dj Matthieu-F and has recently moved from Techno FM to Optical Radio.
Planet-Undergro11206624_10153345935134048_3317587133658025987_ound will be packed with eclectic surprises, mainly concentrated on Techno, we will also see some special show infused with Drum&Bass, Electro and other Electronic music Genre.
Dedicated to discover and offer free support to promote new and hidden Electronic-Music talents from around the world, Planet Underground will be hosted by Matthieu-F alongside a special Guest.
Scheduled to go live the second Wednesday of every month from 9pm till 11pm.

Dj Guest Show on Optical Radio Sunday 26th of April NaaN Music


Every week a Dj guest will be invited by optical radio for a live show of 2 hours.

If you are a dj and would like you to be our dj guest contact us on

Stay on tune every weeks on optical radio.

This week Dj Naan
Naan is a young musician based in London; he started making music as a percussionist at the age of 13, studying many kinds of tribal and sacred rhythms from ancient parts of the world. Since then he is involved in playing music whether from instrumental or from dj-decks. His style mixes tribal rhythms and organic tunes, ethnic instruments and cutting edge synthesizers. Don’t miss this 4 hour journey through the deepest but uplifting selection of chillout tunes, from handcrafted atmospheric sounds, through psy-dub, ethno-step, glitch, to break-chill mixed with colorful downtempo and moving uptempo beats, everything coming genuinely from the heart!
Naan has been producing chillout tracks for labels such as DARK Records or Purple Hexagon Records as well as playing out at various international psychedelic festivals including MODEM, Blackmoon, Sonica, and Atman Festival in Sri Lanka, but also in and many other festival and events across Italy, Spain, Uk, India and so on…

4/26/2015 9:00 pm
Listen On air :

Tupiniqueen Radio Show at Optical Radio


Braziliarty present: Tupiniqueen Radio Show at Optical Radio

Tupiniqueen is the drag queen presenting the latest radio show at Optical Radio. The tropical feminine force is a warrior communicator, ass kicker, influencing reflection about controversial topics such as gender understanding, politics and voting, consumerism and much more. Music wise, she will play an all inclusive playlist to groove your week nights! Expect crap comedy, tongue on the lips conversations and eye chilli-candy.10714726_898485290181546_147194440_n

Tupiniqueen dresses her causes on fashion shoots to generate campaigns for raising awareness about some of the topics. ‘The Veggie Queer’ outfit raises awareness for all things natural, GM and pesticide free, organics all the way. She share reasons for vegetarianism and organics with a tasty outfit made of deliciousness. Photos by Susana Sanroman and make up by Juliana Ferreira ( Ju Jul Jules)

LAUNCHING SHOW: Fist things first, de-genderising
24th September
UK time: 9-11pm
BR time: 5-7pm
US times: NY 4-6pm / SF 1-3pm
AU time: 25th September 7-9am

Optical Zoo Exactly 5 Years On Air


11th July 2014

Exactly 5 Years On AirPoster11th july

Optical Radio benefit Event:
An online radio show focused on broadcasting your music. Any genre, any experience- we want to hear your music
The donations are used to help offset the cost of the many network services, rents,telephone calls,
software products, and computer hardware required to run the radio on a daily basis.
Without your support, the radio station would not be able to troubleshoot problems and
add features to the radio site.
This would be greatly appreciated and will enable us to continue broadcasting and
contribute towards our production costs on new works for your future listening pleasure.

Keep the music alive!

From 5 pm till late

Free Entry



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Fuzzy Nautilus


Gizelle Rebel Yelle

Trash Man

Gareth Angel




32 Deptford Church St



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